Android Smart Watches

Advancements in the operating systems of both Android and the Apple have led to the introduction of some wonderful gadgets. Android smart watches along with fitness and heart rate monitors would rank among the top such items becoming very popular with each passing day. We have the latest fitness watches, activity tracker and smart watches including the popular smartwatch i5plus, m09, dz09, u8 and id 115 in India.
These watches are ideal for those who are fed up having to look at their smart phones to check notifications. Now by wearing the smart watch on the wrist, they can look at and respond to notifications as per their convenience. We are importers corporate gifts mumbai. The smart watch enables the user to keep his hands free when driving and helps in conserving battery life of the smart phone as well. Thanks to the additional features they come equipped with such as pedometer, heart rate monitor; it is now possible to use them as fitness trackers also.
Android smart watches are available for both men and women at different price ranges, depending on the features they have. The designs too have become sleeker and the user has the flexibility of using a different wall paper on these watches every day.
We are one of the leading suppliers of Android smart watches in Mumbai, smart watch importers India and can offer you competitive rates for bulk order requirements.