Before narrowing down on your choice of the best corporate gift company near me, you should find out who are direct importers and manufacturers of such promotional gifts in India.
Also ask about the warranty or guarantee if any.


FAQs – corporate gifts

where to buy corporate gifts
– Try and buy direct from importers to get prices. Avoid resellers. In India, there are several gift companies offering customized corporate gifts in wholesale with logo printing.

who buys corporate gifts
– Such personalized gifts are bought by companies who want to offer them to their clients, customers, employees. For example, pharma companies gift such items to their doctors.
We have the best corporate gifts for event speakers , executives , ramadan , board members, for doctors , for ceo , for conferences

when to give corporate gifts
– In India, usually these are given during Diwali or product launches.

what is corporate gift items
– Promotional merchandise or corporate gifts with branding helps to increase goodwill and indirectly increase sales.

what’s new in corporate gifts
– We have several new, innovative products. Please call us for latest catalogue

what are the best corporate gifts for employees
– These days, smart watches, mobile accessories like bluetooth speakers, power banks, usb flash drives, custom pendrives, are chosen.

why corporate gifts are important
– Corporate gifts with company logo are memorable & pleasant to receive. These strengthen ties, increase goodwill and indirectly promote sales and branding.

Are corporate gifts tax deductible
– Yes, in India, it may be taxable but check with your CA.

how to sell corporate gifts to companies
– You can become our reseller and contact us. We have special prices and we can send our catalog and price list which you can display to your clients. We have corporate gifts within rs 700, r500, rs 100

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