Pen Drive Wholesale India

Pen drives are known by various names like USB, Flash drives, memory units, data sticks, thumb drives. Even though they are the same but are known by variety of names. Pen drives are of thumb size and connect to most computers and laptops through a USB port. They are available in different size, shape and variety.

Before a Pen drive came into the market and in use, we often used to store the data in CD and DVD’s to store and backup the data. Now CD’s have been replaced with a small important tool or accessory important to computer and laptops called as Pen drive.

This is often used for a variety of purpose like storing data, resume, projects and assignment, like a business card, video advertisements, sales, training purpose, orientation, product demonstration, testimonials, a promotional tool, corporate gifting, customized gift and much more.

They are easy to carry plus are elegant in look. Often used by anyone and everyone. A student, Professor, Corporate, at any level and by everyone. They come in size ranging from 2 GB to 2 TB. Pen drives can be customized with the companies brand and its value or the name of your client or recipient.

Customised USB Pen Drive: Customised USB Pen Drive in today’s market is in great demand and trendsetter. USB drive can be imprinted with the company’s logo and name, carrying the brand wherever it goes irrespective of the data stored in the drive. Apart from Imprinting the company name and logo, it can be in various shape or size, also it can denote the company’s product and services or otherwise. With customised it adds style and personalization to your product. Shapes like Key, Credit card, toothpaste, toffee or biscuit are in trend. Get funky or get creative with abstract shapes and unique representations in custom made pen drives.

Promotional Pen drive: Pen drive given as promotional is to raise the awareness for a cause or provide utility, to spread the name and fame of a company brand, to showcase the company or brand in the market.

Diary with USB and Power Bank: A diary, USB and a power bank are important tools used in daily life without which you’re working life or routine is half complete. You feel incomplete without it. A perfect set would include a perfect combination of a Diary attached to a Power bank with a pen loop in between and at the closure a pen drive which is carried along wherever you go. As all your important data apart from the diary is maintained mostly on a Pen drive which can be presented in front of a large audience without any hindrance.

OTG Pen Drive: USB On-The-Go, often abbreviated to USB OTG or just OTG that allows USB devices, such as tablets or smartphones, to act as a host, allowing other USB devices, such as USB flash drives, digital cameras, mice or keyboards, to be attached to them. OTG Pendrives could be in variety. OTG drives are high-performance drives designed for OTG enables devices like smartphones, tablets and etc. They have dual head drives with micro USB and/or USB interfaces. OTG pen drives are designed to facilitate data transfer without a data cable or host PC. As a result, they occur in a wide range of capacity and multiple functionalities. Some varieties of OTG include card OTG, classic OTG, Pen laser OTG and many more.

Diary with Pen drive: A diary with Pen drive is an important combination used in every day’s life. Your school or work project complete details may not be written on a diary or secured completely but your pen drive will contain every work done and all detailing which shall be secured. While your diary would have the crisp gist your pen drive shall contain detailed notes.

USB Pen drive for Corporate Gifting: Pen drives as Corporate Gifting is a great combination as it can create a brand of the company and more over becomes handy to the person to whom you are giving to keep his data safely and it comes in various shape, variety and size for data depending on your company profile and target audience. Also, USB pen drive for Corporate Gifting includes customized company brand and logo.

Custom Pen drives: Custom made pen drives are elegant and unique in a piece. Promotional gifts as pen drives can be customized as per the product in various shapes and size with printed name, logo. If the nature of your work is too confidential and you need to be more secretive about the data you are carrying you could always choose one of these custom-made pen drives. Very few people will be able to figure out what it exactly is unless they have seen it before. So you can have extra security for your information.

Card Pen Drives: Card Pen drives comes in a variety of shapes and are more common and in trend in the market and more preferred by many. As it doesn’t exactly reveal in to be a pen drive unless seen before or when seen closely. The larger the shape is of Card and less of pen drive. While the pen drive is a part of the card. They are perfect Gifting solutions for several occasions featuring the customized logo, any colour cover, also both the sides can be printed because of the card shape and most importantly it comes with a password protection. Some examples include Credit card, mini card and puzzle card.

Classic Pen drives: The classic styles in pen drives are easy on your pocket literally. With great fit even into your suit jacket. Suited for gifting in the corporate circle, the pen drives have a classy appeal.

Custom made Pen Drives: The customized made pen drives are in trend and gaining popularity. Everyone like their name and brand to be seen and spread in goodwill. Therefore Custom made pen drives are unique pen drives.

Eco-Friendly Pen drives: Get into the mood for sporting an ecology awareness program with the most convenient pen drive. Classy, easy and very much in Eco-friendly variety, they are gaining much popularity these days. The best shapes and sizes are now available in pen drives. Some of the eco-friendly pen drives include wood or bamboo material built with superior quality and lasting for a lifetime.

Twister Pen drive:  Twister pen drives target a specific set of an audience when it comes to looks and attractiveness. They are like my youth, school and college students. Perfect for a cool look and full of utility, the twister styles in pen drives are cool with your image. Good for the teens and college goers.

Leather Pen drives: Leather pen drives come in variety and shape, some include a mini pocket with pen drive whilst some include bracelet leather pen drive as a wearable item on your wrist. While some include Key with leather. Make sure to get a new look for your accessories and arrange for an affordable pen drive. Load a logo or an engraving and get the classic corporate look. Promotional Leather Pen Drives can be Screen printed and engraving your company logo for corporate gifting.

Metal pen drives: Metal Pen drives look excellent in looks. They are metallic however the shape or customization can be based on the company’s brand or background. Metal pen drives could be of Gold bar pen drives in metal. The form of an aeroplane for an aviation industry or in a shape of transport vehicle like a car for an automobile industry. In a form of a pill or robot or any other shape.

Pen-shaped Metal pen drives: As the name indicates it is pen shape in sleek models. Enjoy the combo effect in promotional gifts. Metal pen shaped Ball Point Pen drives styles. Use it for your office or during your travel, the compact style is a complete surprise package. It include variety like the diamond shape, laser pen shape, Stylus pen shaped and the classic pen shaped pen drive. A pen classic that offers more safety to your pen drive and the ergonomic design makes it easier to handle and can be used whenever necessary as it comes in the design of a pen, which can be used for writing as well. So it satisfies two of your needs and much more suitable as a corporate gift idea for your employees which will definitely improve the bond between your company and the employees when they see that you appreciate them.

Premium Pen drives: When it comes to style, it has to be a premium choice. Fashionable, articulate and classy bejewelled pieces for pen drives for the ones who believe in the glamour quotient. The accessories are a perfect blend of technology and trend.  Premier good quality may also be required by professionals for high-end purposes like heavy and bulk images, audio and video file transfer and so on. If you are planning to gift pen drives to your clients, you need to understand the end users and the purpose for which the pen drive is to be used.

Unique Pen drives: Unique pen drives are unique and look fancy. They are stylish and different in appearance. They have an eye catchy look. Shaped in unusual looks like a lipstick or a random cartoon.  The new styles in unique pen drive suit many people who love the blend of technology with a lot of styles. Utterly stylish and adaptable with a logo, this is a perfect promotional product or considering as a gift to a larger audience.

PVC Pen drive: Branded pen drives seem great with a soft finish on the PVC pen drives. Fluorescent colours and cool styles are now creating new interests in people who are ready to explore new vistas in technology. As per need to decide the capacity and the required compatibility of the pen drive that determines the functionality. If PVC pen drive is given to your clients, customers and media or IT professionals, then the requirement is preferably for high-end pen drives. PVC pen drives have a look of 2D and 3D. They are in a variety of shape and seems real like the product.

Pen drive Packaging: Package or gift box your pen drive or data stick or flash drive in an authentic and elegant look box. Arranged in most luxurious and eye catchy styles. The packaging of modern pen drives as a promotional product truly suits the needs of many people. Amazing covers are available in the sleek metal finish or in the eco-friendly wooden cases. The packing can be branded with a logo or a message. It has a compact look packaging not requiring much of a space and very light in weight. Packaging includes white box, black box, tin box, plastic material packet bag. Pen drive packaging while gifting or giving enhances the sender’s image or the image of the company at the time of gifting. It gives a rich and elegant feel.

Bulk Pen drive purchase:  Buy wholesale, fancy, customised pen drive in India. Can be personalized, custom made and for promotional use. Wholesale manufacturer and supplier of Customized USB Pen Drive, Card pen drive, logo shape pen drive, fancy unique pen drive, promotional tech products. Keeping the target audience and requirement in mind, Pen drives can be purchased in bulk and affordable quantity.