Return gifts for women’s day event in office and ideas for gift bags

This time around you can think of something different than the usual women oriented themes for your return gifts for women’s day even in office. We bring you wide range of women’s day gift ideas for employees in india. Expand the visage of your corporate gifts by including items like the pedometer watch, a folding bluetooth keyboard, lazy readers, universal travel adaptors, color pens, smart watches and waterproof Bluetooth speakers to name a few. Contact us for ideas for women’s conference gift bags in India

If you are about to hold a conference for women only, then you need to think of your promotional gifts differently. Women centric gifts should obviously be the flavor and fortunately there are some wonderful ideas for women’s conference gift bags you can consider.

The women attending such conferences are likely to be professionals or homemakers, depending on the theme of the conference. The former category are likely to be using their smart phones more often and would be happy to receive gifts related to its usage such as blue tooth speakers, travel adapters, folding Bluetooth keyboards, power banks, flash drives, smart watches to name a few. The latter category by virtue of their more sedentary habits would like to receive fitness related gifts like health trackers, pedometer watches, and utility items like cosmetics, flower vases, photo frames, and kitchen utility stuff and so on.

All of the above items offer good scope for branding and communicating marketing messages to the end users. The recipients are more than likely to remember your brand and company due to their daily usage, thus enabling high brand recall.
We can help you with more ideas for women’s conference gift bags and at affordable rates.
Today, the use of smart phones, tablets and laptops are not restricted to only men and children. Women are using them for communication and entertainment as well. The above gifts are ideal for use through integration to the smart phones through appropriate apps. Women are also becoming increasingly fitness conscious and can make good use of the smart watches and pedometer watch to monitor fitness.
The folding Bluetooth keyboard, universal travel adapters, color pens, lazy readers and waterproof Bluetooth speakers are all items that are very utility driven. Women in the corporate world are travelling frequently. They would love to carry such gifts with them as they are a wonderful combination of functionality and entertainment value.
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