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Selfie stick with inbuilt shutter –  The selfie stick is just the thing to capture memories of yourself along with your surrounding when you go solo on  trip. No more requesting strangers to click a family picture so that all of you are in the camera. The selfie stick is a smart choice and has a perfect mechanism that does away with the timer and other settings. All you need to do is smile and pose and the shutter does a perfect job of capturing the moment. This is a stylish accessory is not bulky and comes in a range of colors.


Selfie cam lens india wholesaleSelfie cam lens – Add more convenience to your photography skills and click the best selfie camera angles. The entire kit has lenses that will suit your need. All of it is packed in a smart, durable pouch. The selfie cam lens is a perfect gift for someone who is an keen traveler and it is compatible with many mobile phones. This is a tourists’ delight as the wide angle also captures the picturesque locales and gives you a perfect selfie. This is wonderful for gifting too.